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Chungia is a nation in North Nurich encompassing the Wabbit Mountains, aka the Scoreboard Mountains. Its claims also spread to Harena, aka Emory Island, in Magnadia, as well as some of the Bone Mesa area, aka Rutila, in South Nurich. It is a theocracy of Chungism and is led by Eloctrasyd.

As of the September Census, Chungia is the biggest nation both by population and infrastructure. Chungia is also known for its culture in memes, just as it is shown in their national religion, Chungism. Chungia created the World Division, and its two strongest allies are Everest and Manprussia.

Chungian policy is peaceful for the most part, but if faced with hostility, exceptions to pacifism can be made. Chungia seeks to construct many cities over the northern part of the map, and expand influence through trade, all as well as spread their religion of Chungism, the religion of Big Chungus.


Chungia is governed by Eloctrasyd and Cubby009. A complete list of Chungian rules and laws can be found at the Chungian Law Book.

A map of Chungia can be found at Media:ChungiaMap.png.

To contact the government of Chungia, send a comment in the Chungia Scratch Studio or comment on Eloctrasyd's profile.

To apply for Chungian citizenship, go to the Chungian Citizenship Application. We are looking for anyone who shows general respect for the community and basic knowledge of what Chungia is.


Chungia is divided into 9 regions. Here are short descriptions for each of them:

Prima - The primary region of Chungia, home to Wabbittown, the capital city. It is the most active and resourceful region of Chungia. It contains the southern portion of the Wabbit Mountains.

Harena - The only other region besides Prima which was in Chungia's initial land claim. Most of Chungia's sand supply comes from here. It is a large island, east of Wabbittown, of the desert biome cluster.

Rutila - An early region of Chungia containing the northeast part of the Bone Mesa, as well as nearby land to the north. After June, it has been mostly inactive, but its two settlements, Spaghet and Aurum, are some of the oldest in Chungia. Chungia's main gold mine is in Aurum.

Midway - A region of Chungia which was the center of activity around the time of July 2020. It is a group of islands in the Magnadian Ocean and Skull Sea. Midway is governed by TheMaxPants and Orhint.

North Prima - A region inland from Prima, which contains an end portal. It also contains a western portion of the Wabbit Mountains.

Shrek's Swampland - A western region of Chungia, set around a big swamp called Shrek's Swamp. A gravel hills biome, southwest of Shrek's Swamp, provides the gravel supply for Chungia.

Bruh - A northern region of Chungia, on the way from Prima to Oashia. It was the original location of Oashia, but was bought by Chungia before Oashia started to build. A small, but long, ridge of the northeastern Wabbit Mountains runs through Bruh, up the Bruh Peninsula.

Jocia - A region southwest of Prima containing a peninsula. Before its first city, [REDACTED], was founded, it was called South North Nurich.

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start. - A region of islands north of Harena, which is governed by Eloctrasyd. Despite being in the northeast corner, this region was the center of activity in Chungia during much of August 2020, before Wabbittown became more active. The region continued to be a major active area of Chungia in the following times. It contains a large island city and a frozen ocean. The frozen ocean is Chungia's blue ice supply.



(0,-4400) Prima, Founded 03/06/2020

Wabbittown is the capital city and largest city of Chungia. It is located at a birch forest directly between the Wabbit Mountains and the east coast of North Nurich. The Wabbittown railroad station is the northern end of the Chungia Express, and Wabbittown is the first city on the server to have an ice road grid (more information in Structures and Places).

The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

(1200,-5300) The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start, Founded 07/07/2020

This city is the second largest city in Chungia, and its region is a small region on a chain of islands in the northeast corner of Chungia. It was founded by Eloctrasyd, after he told Magnileve that he would join Chungia under the condition that he could name an island the name which this city now has. Magnileve intended for the city to be built on a larger island about 300 blocks to the north, but after Eloctrasyd had started building on a smaller island, they decided to stay and just built over the surrounding water. This city also contains the first mob grinder of Chungia, and is near a frozen ocean, which is Chungia's blue ice supply.


(0,-2800) Midway, Founded 14/06/2020

Midway is a city and region of Chungia which is led by TheMaxPants, and co-led by Orhint. It is located on a chain of islands between mainland Chungia and Akkadia, and although the railroad station is not yet complete, Midway can be accessed by the Chungia Express. The city was founded to serve as a buffer between Terr-Crustulumagnumgy and Wabbittown, and although Terr-Crustulumagnumgy was later snapped by Strangigaium, Midway was Chungia's most active region during a lot of Chungia's early days. Midway Underground is a complex beneath the ocean at Midway. Max made a few projects about Midway on his Minecraft Scratch account.


(-450,-4700) Prima, Founded 09/06/2020

Ferrum is the main mining city of Chungia. It is in the middle of the Scoreboard Mountains, northwest of Wabbittown.


(-2000,-2100) Rutila, Founded 04/06/2020

Spaghet is a city in the Badlands biome on the northeastern border of northern Weirdscraftland. Chungia's land claims around Spaghet are three thousand blocks southwest of Wabbittown, so they are separate from the rest of Chungia's land. South of Spaghet is a joint territory, Rutila Badlands, with Weirdscraftland, with governance rights for Chungia. This territory spans most of the northeastern half of the Badlands biome.


(-700,-5350) West Bruh, Founded 09/07/2020

Europus was the capital city of West Bruh, which was a nation separate from Chungia for a little under two months. Its leader was MikeBlock2989, aka Country_Ball_Fan, who originally lived in a small house in Wabbittown. Europus is at the northwestern end of the Wabbit Mountains.


(-2150,-1750) Rutila, Founded 17/06/2020

Aurum is a gold mining city in Rutila Badlands. It is located in the center of the Bone Mesa, on the edge of Rutila Badlands and territory of Weirdscraftland.


(-400,-3950) Prima, Founded 14/06/2020

Stefánsson is a coastal NPC village southwest of Wabbittown and south of Ferrum. It is named after Stefán Karl Stefánsson, the actor of Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town.


(700,-4450) Harena, Founded 14/06/2020

Kjellberg is a coastal NPC village which stands between the rest of Emory Island and the northern end of the Magnadian Ocean. It is named after Felix Kjellberg, better known as Pewdiepie, the king of Youtube. It is east and slightly north of Wabbittown. A quarry for collecting sand is near Kjellberg to the southeast.


(-2100,-4200) Shrek's Swampland, Founded 02/07/2020

Saxum is a gravel mining settlement in the gravel hills between Shrek's Swamp and one very large Flower Forest biome. Otherwise known as the Town of Three Buildings, Saxum is largely secluded in it's small valley and not very active anymore. It may or may not be undergoing revival - We'll just have to wait and see. Otherwise treeless, Saxum has a couple Spruces.

The famous 3 buildings of Saxum include:

  • Saxum Outpost - A public building made of cobblestone. Inside, there is a furnace, a crafting table, and multiple light-grey beds.
  • The Blue One - A plain house belonging to an unknown Chungian. It's made primarily out of Blue Concrete. The only thing within is a single lantern hanging from a chain in the middle.
  • EmeraldWolf11's House - No one knows who EmeraldWolf11 is, or where they went. Their house is the only thing left of their memory.

Other Towns

Sive, Harena (1350,-4400), Founded 12/07/2020

Brad, Harena (1300,-4750), Founded 12/07/2020

[REDACTED], Jocia (-900,-3950), Founded 15/08/2020

Shrekigaium, Shrek's Swampland (-1750,-4000), Founded 04/09/2020

Notable Structures

Chungia Express


The Chungia Express is a nonstop railroad which runs north from New Kingsby Station, at Spawn, to Wabbittown. It is the longest railroad on the server, spanning over 4000 blocks, with the northern three quarters being owned and having been built by Chungia, and the southern quarter having been built by moderation. The only station between Spawn and Wabbittown is the Meractus station in Viverra, where buttons on the side of the railroad must be pressed to direct the course to the station.

Santa Nero Island


Santa Nero Island is the last island which you pass going north on the Chungia Express before reaching Wabbittown. It is a very small island, but it has a big pixel art of a copypasta called Santa Nero. It serves as a welcome sign to Chungia, and a representation of Chungia's meme culture. The pixel art was built by BurrZurrCarr, who had founded Chungia with Magnileve.

Midway Windmill


A windmill was built on an island in Midway, while the rest of the island was all turned into a wheat farm. This farm became a tourist attraction in the early days of Chungia, helping increase Chungia's recognition.

Big Chungus Tower, Rosa


Big Chungus Tower is the tallest building in Rosa, ABZA, and serves as Chungia's representation in the area. It holds a shop where people can buy items, including Chungia's widely known iron block supply.

Wabbittown's Road System


Upon getting tired of walking back and fourth between the super smelter building and the old community area in Wabbittown, Chungia's leader, Magnileve, decided to make ice roads to make travelling to all parts of Wabbittown easy. Once he mined blue ice from the Croll Sea in northeast Chungia, he built an ice road around the harbor. He then connected a square of roads around the super smelter building, and the grid was started. He built more roads in the north and south parts of Wabbittown, as well as a large highway bridge over Wabbittown with access ramps on each side of the bridge. This system of roads was more advanced than that of any other city on the server at the time, and it is the first ice road grid on the server.

Foreign Interactions and Accomplishments

Badlands Biome Joint Territory


Chungia was about to claim a Badlands biome far southwest of Wabbittown, but Weirdscraftland, whose capital city was way closer, claimed it on the same day. Chungia placed land claims on the northern end of the Badlands biome and nearby areas, and made a deal with Weirdscraftland that the northeastern half of the Badlands biome would be a joint territory between the two nations, and it would be governed solely by Chungia. The territory is now known as Rutila Badlands, and it is in the Rutila region of Chungia.

Bruhn Peninsula Purchase


A new country named Oashia was founded just north of Wabbittown, on the Bruhn Peninsula, right before Chungia claimed the land. Chungia paid Oashia ten diamonds to settle farther north, past the Bruhn Peninsula. Oashia currently borders Chungia just north of the Bruhn Peninsula.

Chungia Express Railroad Dispute


After the completion of the Chungia Express, Terr-Crustulumagnumgy was shocked to see that the railroad had been built over a few of its uninhabited islands, and their leader responded by threatening war on Chungia. This dispute was quickly solved with bringing up that the islands had been unclaimed before the start of the construction of the railroad. The part of the railroad in concern, halfway between Spawn and Wabbittown, was to be used only for transportation purposes, and the ocean around it was acknowledged to not be Chungian.

Creation of the World Division


Chungia did not initially join the World Union with the reason that it was too big of an alliance. As time went on, another alliance was sought. Due to Terr-Crustulumagnumgy claiming very large amounts of land, including seemingly a whole continent in west Magnadia, as well as Strangigaium receiving a threat of war on behalf of the entire World Union after considering declaring war on Highlandorea, Chungia decided to create the World Division to prevent these two types of events from happening: nations making excessive land claims, and large, unchallenged alliances influencing policies of small nations.

Land Liberation Convention


After the creation of the World Division, Chungia and the World Division nations had been hoping to reduce excessive land claims around the map. However, unused land was claimed by a lot of nations in a lot of different places. After a month of little change since the creation of the World Division, Chungia's leader, Magnileve, began drafting a huge treaty for numerous nations to reduce their land claims. Discussions went on for a few days, and on 31 August, the Scratch project was shared, originally including twelve nations. After the sharing of the project, Zania pulled out, Neo-Apesia dissolved due to inactivity, and Possibility was conquered by Strangigaium. Before his nation quickly got dissolved, Possibility's owner had refused to negotiate, despite that his nation's only complete buildings were in its capital city, which consisted of just three small structures. Minor edits were then made to Estrezian Empire, Creata, Manprussia, and Chungia, and on 12 September, the last nation, Creata, approved, making the treaty complete.

At approval, the nine nations involved in the Land Liberation Convention were Chungia, Weirdscraftland, Strangigaium, Arcantica, Estrezian Empire, Creata, Manprussia, Unity, and Infinity. This made it the biggest treaty in the history of ScratchCiv, and a huge accomplishment for Chungia and the World Division.

Wars of Chungia

Fall of Avalon - 11/09/2020

Chungia has only ever declared war once, which was a formal war against the infamous Avalon. The leader of Avalon, OMADude, had been in constant drama with a large part of the ScratchCiv community since his nation was created, and the drama got bad enough that a party of players between many nations emerged to end Avalon. Later during the day when the war was declared, OMADude said "the Avalon Union fully gives it self to Chungia." He later claimed that it was under a certain proposed treaty, which he had posted on a completely separate website, but Chungia had already declined that proposed treaty before he said his message. After gaining possession of Avalon, Chungia immediately gave it to Manprussia, who had owned the land prior to the founding of Avalon. The next day, the party of players arrived at Avalon ready to blow it up, who were unaware, due to how much chaos had happened, that the war was over, but the news finally reached them in the middle of their griefing. Server drama would continue to go on for ten days after Avalon fell, but on 21 September, OMADude's mines were investigated by moderators, and clear evidence was found that he X-rayed. He was then banned, and the server became much calmer.


Full Citizenship (24)
Minecraft username Scratch username
Magnileve Magnileve
BurrZurrCarr BurrZurrCarr
Keness FreedomToYou
Bluuuuh Cobalt9895
Secondkin Turtleneck
Reqper Reqper
TheMaxPants Derble
Orhint Cuccoid
Pzim Misq
IrrationalMango GoldenEagleStudios
Arcanyst Arcanyst
WildCrazyGooseYT WildCrazyGoose
Redimated GrapheneGraphics
Vejou Miniepicness
MikeBlock2989 Country_Ball_Fan
Eloctrasyd Eloctrasyd
Mallonations Mallonations
TermedStew MusicManJoe
EndersStuffs Enderman505
SirBarbecue SirBffq
6ddy TrixHD
Cubby009 Cubby009
AlexStudiosinc Gameknight5221
Megamations Megamateions
Regional Citizenship (15)
Minecraft username Scratch username Region(s)
Mail_Lion -TheDarkDragon- Midway
Creeperboi6000 Unknown Midway
BowHowZen Unknown Harena, Midway
Bobbyfley Iamdoggy The FitnessGram etc.
Devin_is_Coolest Devin_Scratch Prima
RSRoplayzz56YT OCccomic Prima
EmeraldWolf11 Unknown Shrek's Swampland
Chandler814 ad6C5 Prima
Coolmathgames420 Coolmathgamed Midway
keuradeurva keuraderuva Jocia, Shrek's Swampland
Iskywalker725 Iskywalker725 The FitnessGram etc.
PokeFan1790 Unknown Prima
HenRud016 banthab0mb The FitnessGram etc.
Jeff_tv Busybeez Bruh
ahhhhhh16 Northernwind66 Midway, Prima